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Palmerston Hotels & Resorts

Creating exceptional returns for hospitality real estate investments
Providing bespoke solutions for hotel, resort & private club ventures

Consultancy & Management Services

Providing consultancy, management and advisory services to owners and/ or lenders on new or turn-around projects.

Palmerston Club & Residences

A private members club with luxury residences in a mixed-use development providing accelerated returns on investment

Palmerston Residential & Resort Communities

An optimum development programme with a properly integrated and well-balanced resort environment to meet the financial objectives of the owner

Asset Management & Restructuring

Comprehensive review of the existing business and recommendations to improve its financial and operational performance

Project Development

Establishing the right concept, phasing programme and facilities mix for a successful hotel or resort project

Planning & Design

Supporting the developer’s own project team of architects, consultants and designers during the planning and design phases

About Us

Palmerston Hotels & Resorts (Palmerston) has been established by the CCA Group (CCA) as its brand name for integrated resorts with hotel, spa, golf and real-estate components. Founded in 1982, CCA is one of the leading international hospitality groups engaged in consultancy, development, marketing and management of boutique hotels and mixed-use residential golf resorts, real estate developments and prestigious private clubs, with operations headquartered in Hong Kong and Berlin.
The Group owns International Associate Clubs (IAC) a global network of 250 high-quality private clubs offering reciprocal privileges to its 330,000 members.
Palmerston also provides interim or long-term management, assisting clients in developing large-scale projects from golf residential communities to destination resorts. Palmerston/ CCA have advised, developed and consulted on over 80 club and hospitality projects in 15 countries. Its success lies in the fact that the CCA Group itself is an owner and developer having invested its own capital in many of these leisure resort developments and golf & country clubs with residential and holiday homes, as well as being a joint venture partner with major corporations. The Group has sold more than 80,000 club memberships and has raised over US$900 million in membership funds and has been actively involved in the marketing and selling of golf villas, resort apartments and high-rise luxury residences in Europe and Asia.

The Palmerston Approach

Palmerston’s business model is to offer its advisory services to investors and developers who want more than a standard development model for their hotel and/or luxury apartment project, and to arrive at a flexible and more profitable solution. The goal is to minimise investment risk and achieve long-term sustainability for these projects. Palmerston provides a range of services tailored to each specific project and its objective is to provide value depending on developers/ investors’ preference rather than offering “cookie cutter” solutions.
Palmerston supports the development of “independent” hotels and resorts and are not bound by restrictive standards and protocols unlike standardised branded hotels, which are less flexible in their approach, creating unnecessary costs for the developer. With advances in technology and the existence of global marketing platforms, it is no longer necessary for new hotel developments to be solely focused on the choice of brand and management company. The Palmerston approach is to customise a solution for each individual hotel & resort project and to assist investors/ developers in identifying the optimum development model which minimises the upfront financial risks and development costs.


1. Consultancy & Management Services
Palmerston can handle all aspects of operations on behalf of the owner, including the following management services:
a) Pre-opening Management
b) Membership Sales
c) Sales &  Marketing
d) Operational Management


a) Pre-Opening Management
The critical pre-opening period covers the set-up of the business in preparation for full time operations. This stage normally commences between 12 to 18 months prior to the official opening.
During this period Palmerston will:
  • Develop and refine the operational and capital budgets
  • Establish pro-forma income projections
  • Develop all operating concepts and systems, including F&B, banquet, events, etc
  • Set up administration and accounting procedures
  • Determine the manpower requirements, recruit and train the operating team
  • Manage procurement of all furniture, operating equipment and supplies
b) Membership Sales
Palmerston will take charge as the exclusive marketing and sales agent for the private members club. Offering the following services:
  • Establish categories of membership and recommend pricing policies and monthly dues
  • Oversee drafting of rights of membership, by-laws, application forms, transfer forms, house rules and all other necessary documents
  • Appoint and train all membership sales staff
  • Establish membership administration and marketing reporting systems
  • Implementing programmes for membership prospecting, sales and enrolments
  • Oversee the development of annual membership marketing plan and fix matriculation targets
c) Sales & Marketing
Palmerston will support and work with the property’s sales and marketing team to prepare and finalise a Sales & Marketing Action Plan, which should include:
  •  Market survey and key market trends
  • Identification of key feeder markets
  • Definition of distribution channels
  • Competition and SWOT analysis on immediate competition
  • Pricing policy
  • RevPAR targets and yield management
  • Local food and beverage and banquet sales
  • PR and Media strategy
d) Operational Management
Palmerston will operate the hotel/ resort/ club and run the day-to-day business effectively. The following key operational areas will be covered:
  • Recruitment and training of all management & operational staff, being local and expatriates
  • Ongoing training of all members of staff to meet high service standards
  • High culinary and food & beverage standards
  • Marketing, promotion and public relations
  • Operational and financial controls and systems
  •  Strict purchasing procedures and control
2. Project Development
Palmerston’s technical team will work with the appointed architects, designers and planners providing essential input to ensure the concept design is followed and the finished development meets efficiency, functionality and high-quality standards. In effect, by providing development support, Palmerston becomes an essential interface between the owner/developer and the consultants. In conjunction with the following type of projects and services:
  • Resort and Resort communities
  • The Real Estate component
  • Mixed-use concept for city-centre hotels
  • Hotel and Resort Leisure facilities, such as Golf and Spa
  • Technical Services support
3. Planning & Design
By supporting the developer’s project team and interfacing with architects and designers during the planning and design phases, Palmerston provides management solutions in all areas of development, resulting in the right concept for the right project design for maximum efficiency and profit, giving the project the extra edge needed in today’s competitive market. Palmerston services include:
  • Market research
  • Selection of architects and designers
  • Master Plan input
  • Facilities mix and space program
  • Concept design
  • Financial feasibility
4. Asset Management & Restructuring
Current operation of a business may require a fundamental restructuring and repositioning. Palmerston’s engagement will involve a comprehensive review of the existing business and recommendations to improve its financial and operational performance.
While most restructuring undertakings involve physical improvements, changes to management, marketing and operations can be equally critical and valuable. Palmerston can provide the following services on behalf of the client:
  • Interim management of distressed properties on behalf of investors and lenders
  • Turn-around strategies
  • Business and financial review
  • Focus on financial performance criteria
  • New revenue growth opportunities
  • Marketing action plan
  • Management change
  • Overseeing approved capital plan
  • Maintenance programme planning
  • Exit options

Palmerston Residential & Resort Communities

The great diversity inherent in multi-use residential developments and resort communities means that these projects generally require a more sophisticated development and management operation than other hotel types. Palmerston has the experience and expertise to programme, develop and operate them so that these facilities work together to create a properly integrated and well-balanced resort environment.

Palmerston Club & Residences

Palmerston Club & Residences, a mixed use development with superior returns

Palmerston has created a mixed-use real estate product which combines the values of a prestigious private membership club and exclusive private residences which will be sold as a real estate investment opportunity to discerning buyers – the Palmerston Club & Residences.
The business model provides shortened pay  back periods which will be attractive to investors and developers who are confronted with the difficult economics of applying a standardised development model to their new/existing hotel and/or luxury apartment projects and to arrive at a more flexible and profitable solution.
Palmerston Club & Residences developments will occupy prime locations and represent an exclusive lifestyle product with high residential values in major cosmopolitan cities. This Palmerston business model can also be applied to operating hotel properties by converting the existing public and floor areas, thereby generating substantial new cash flows.

The Development Components


Palmerston Club & Residences will combine a private members club, a luxury boutique hotel and exclusive homes, all rolled into one property. Its underlying concept being the regeneration of a fine tradition – Club Residences.

Combined Amenities - Palmerston Club & Residences will offer the following:

  • Luxury apartments available to purchase or on medium to long term lease
  • Signature Restaurant, bar and lounge
  • Lifestyle program with spa and fitness studio
  • Board/ meeting rooms
  • Library
  • Business Centre and private office space
  • 24-hrs Concierge service
  • Butler Service
  • Personal secure storage
  • Cigar lounge
  • Wine cellar
The Club
As the name suggests, a private members club will be one of the key components of a Palmerston Club & Residences project. It will become a sustainable venture, not only for its profits, but also establishing an “institution” in the community through its local and international membership. In addition, it creates a loyal customer base for the private club residences element.
Extending the services of a fine private club to those who are looking for a luxury urban lifestyle would be of benefit to the developer (reduced initial investments in building infrastructure), the tenant (enjoyment of an ‘Effortless Luxury Living’) and the operator (increased revenue, synergy and efficiency in operations).
Combined usage of common amenities – restaurants, meeting rooms and banquet facilities, fitness and spa, not only lowers initial construction costs substantially, but also reduces operational costs in securing these various income streams, allowing for higher operating profits.
Members will be entitled to access the International Associate Clubs (IAC), a network of 250 Private Clubs worldwide. Over 330,000 members at the IAC Clubs (a distinct advantage for marketing purposes in promoting the Private Members Club) would provide an additional visitor source to generate extra revenue and exposure for the club and club residences. IAC is a corporate affiliate of the CCA/ Palmerston group.
The Residences
The luxury apartments will be fully furnished with some sold individually as a real estate investment product. Each investor who buys an apartment will have the option to place their unit into the club rental pool as club accommodation and receive a share of the income generated by its utilisation. All apartment buyers will become members of the club.
The real estate component also provides the distinct advantage of shortened payback period on investment when the luxury apartments, with the full use of all of the additional club facilities, are disposed of at a premium as an investment product before the project is completed.
The private club amenities and services, available to the apartment owners, will generate a substantial premium in the selling price of the private residences to a sophisticated clientele actively seeking a superior standard of facilities and services. Recurring income streams from membership sales and operations will further enhance the investor’s return.
Apartment Residents and their guests are privy to all of the Club’s amenities, plus 24-hour, five-star Concierge Services catering for their every requirement, seven days a week, such as dining services, event planning for private meetings and functions, personal shopping and delivery services, housekeeping and Butler services for in-residence comfort and entertaining.

Project Gallery

Past Projects

Palmerston has been involved as consultants, developers, operators and investors in a multitude of hospitality projects, some of which are listed below:
  • Palmerston Brocket Hall Estate – Welwyn, United Kingdom
  • Palmerston Golf Resort – Woodham, United Kingdom
  • Berlin Golf & Country Club – Berlin, Germany
  • Eléa Golf Estate – Paphos, Cyprus
  • Royal Prague Golf & Country Club – Prague, Czech Republic
  • Etna Golf Resort & Villas – Sicily, Italy
  • Acaya Golf Resort – Acaya, Vernole, Italy
  • Is Arenas Golf Resort – Sardinia, Italy
  • Salamandra Golf Resort – Olbia, Sardinia, Italy
  • Palazzo Pauly Private Owners Club – Venice, Italy
  • Castello di Sammezzano – Florence, Italy
  • Apremont Golf Resort – Paris, France
Asia / Pacific
  • Guangzhou Luhu Golf & Country Club – Guangzhou, China
  • Macau Golf & Country Club – Macau, China
  • Qing Wang Fu Palace – Tianjin, China
  • Residence 8 – Shanghai, China
  • Palmerston Palau Resort & Marina – Palau, Micronesia
  • Palmerston Boracay Resort & Villas – Boracay Island, Philippines
  • Mimosa Golf & Country Club – Manila Philippines
  • Palm Resort Gold & Country Club – Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Pinehurst Golf & Country Club – Bangkok, Thailand
  • Windsor Golf & Country Club – Japan
  • Cypress Lakes Golf & Country Club – Sydney

Other destinations

  • Palmerston Caya Resort & Villas – Caya Coco, Cuba
  • Palmerston Platte Island – Seychelles
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