The Qingwangfu Club & Residences, Tianjin

QingwangfuThe Qingwangfu project is a unique pilot project undertaken by the City Government of Tianjin to revitalize an important portfolio of historical buildings, mostly constructed in the 1900s, for application to modern commercial use. Palmerston Hotels & Resorts has been retained by the government to provide the necessary conceptual, marketing and management expertise.

Qingwangfu (the residence of Prince Qing) was the home of a Manchurian Prince from 1920 to 1945. The Chinese Emporer Guangxu, and Empress Dowager Cixi dispatched Prince Qing, in 1902 to England for attending the Coronation of King Edward VII. He traveled around the globe, and became one of the few dignitaries from China who was received by the King Edward VII of Britain, Prince George (who later became King George V), King Leopold II of Belgium, French President Emile Loubet, President of the United States Theordore Roosevelt, and the Meji Emperor of Japan during his journey.

The Prince's residence is a western style manor house located in the historical British Concession with a built up area of approximately 5,000 square meters. The property will be converted into an exclusive city club facility catering to senior business executives and government leaders. The building is unique with a two-storey atrium right in its middle, which was the Prince's venue for Chinese Opera entertainment. It will become a ballroom accommodating 120 people for a formal banquet.

Adjacent to this exceptional club facility are 37 units of old English townhouses. Fourteen units will become Club Suites as part of the Club operation, and the remaining will be furnished to high standards as Serviced Residences for medium to long-term tenants.

A last section of the project will be a unique Conference Center providing a 120 seat auditorium, a large function room mirroring the same capacity for a banquet, a series of three 60 square meters meeting rooms which could be connected, a 60 square meter board room, and eight units of two storey, self contained, meeting/office suites converted from old town houses at about 120 square meters each.

The entire project comprises of one city block of low-density architecture, with a total built up area of about 16,000 square meters. Phase one of the development will open in 2011.