A Development Concept with Accelerated Returns

Palmerston Club & Residences The "Palmerston Club & Residences" is a mixed use development concept; it combines an executive private members club, club suites, spa & fitness, accommodation for private ownership, high-end boutiques and restaurants & cafés. Palmerston's commitment to high quality standards and excellence in design and construction provides the right platform for its acclaimed personalised service and reputation for promoting exclusive lifestyles and quality food. The concept will be developed in prime locations in selected cosmopolitan cities worldwide. The initial development program will focus on ten key cities in Europe, including:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Zürich
  • Vienna


Due to the dynamic business model, a Palmerston Club & Residences development will provide an accelerated and superior return on investment to the Owner/Developer.

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Palmerston Club & Residences