Case Study: Brocket Hall

PGI Golf was engaged by the owner to oversee all of the requirements to build a new 18 hole golf course on the Brocket Hall Estate. This new course was being built to complement the existing 18 holes and to facilitate the acquisition of corporate golf as well as daily fee play.

Specifically, PGI did the following:

  • Interviewed and selected the golf course architect
  • Interviewed and selected the golf course construction company
  • Interviewed and engaged the other necessary consultants
  • Secured all of the necessary planning permissions
  • Reviewed all of the necessary plans and make adjustments where required
  • Project managed the construction on a daily basis
  • Opened the project under budget and on time


Upon the opening of the golf course, the number of corporate golf days increased from zero to 98 per year and daily fee play increased from zero rounds to 3324 rounds per year within the first two years. This increase in play as well as the ability to sell more memberships allowed the owning company to recoup its investment within a short period.