A critical part of the mission of PGI is to ensure its golf projects provide exceptional playing conditions on the golf course. The management of an upscale golf course is extremely complex and requires specialized knowledge in all areas of soil preparation and turf maintenance. Different climate conditions at individual courses are always changing throughout the seasons, as the course matures, and with the needs of that particular club and location. PGI offers affiliate turf care professionals for warm and cold season grasses, its knowledge and expertise in agronomy, soil preparation, overseeding, local and seasonal turf needs, chemical application, pest control practices, irrigation, and environmental concerns (best care practices) and regulations.

The goal of the PGI turf care professional is to deliver an aesthetically pleasing turf which plays exceptionally well, and requires minimal downtime for players. We tailor turf care guidelines to fit the climate, terrain and target playing conditions for each individual course. Our superintendents know that golf is more enjoyable when played on lush, well-manicured grass, so they set high turf care standards to ensure superior playing conditions.